307 Ammunition, .458 SOCOM, JFN, Brass cased, Rifle Ammo


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307 Ammunition is manufactured in Gillette, Wyoming and each round is made with American pride. This 458 SOCOM is loaded with a 458-grain projectile. The sheer amount of energy delivered by the round is perfect for any North American game animal, from moose, bear or elk but is overkill for animals smaller than a hundred pounds

  •       Made in the USA!
  •       Value-priced ammo.
  •       Reloadable Brass Cases.
  •       FMJ target bullets.


  • Quantity in box:                      20 per box
  • Box dimensions:                     3 1/4” x 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”
  • Box weight:                             1lb 9oz
  • Cartridge/Gauge:                    .458 SOCOM
  • Bullet type:                              JFN
  • Bullet Grains:                          350 grains

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