I68 Consulting Group





I68 Consulting Group is composed entirely of personnel in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) network.  With nearly twenty years of advanced military training, I68 Consulting brings first-hand experience in instructing military and police abroad, which enables us to provide the highest quality of training proven in combat.  I68 Consulting believes knowledge is what separates those who are proactive versus those who are reactive. 

The concept of our organization was founded on the basis of Americans needing in-depth pistol marksmanship, training, and security.  I68 Consulting provides the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the training goals of the client.  Our standards exceed the minimum requirements in the state of Colorado to ensure our clients are trained effectively.  Additionally, I68 Consulting identifies the need to illuminate potential threats as well as the processes necessary to mitigate security vulnerabilities.


I68 Consulting Group provides the most elite firearms training to organizations and individuals with an emphasis on proper techniques. We proudly offer classes for CCW (Carrying Concealed Weapon) certification, Intermediate Pistol Training, and Advanced Pistol Training. Our experienced instructors are current or former Special Forces Operators and retain certification from the NRA.  In addition to classroom and range training, I68 Consulting create Physical Area & Emergency Action Assessments as well as Area Specific Assessments within the United States and abroad. Our assessments provide specific travel details in the area of threats, area orientation, and/or socio-economic status. The Assessment Team is composed of current or former Special Forces Operators or have directly supported them with a unique skillset.  To guarantee the best results for the client and our product, I68 Consulting connects and consults with the SOF network community.